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  • At first it looks like rpg maker is userfriendly, but as soon as you want to do something complex, you really get nothing to base upon. (I'm talking about the whole switches - variables and conditional branches thing)
    Took me eight hours to figure out how to use switches, sorry peepz I was in the wrong
    I just treat switches like "true/false" statements, and variables as well, variables that you can put just about anything into. Anything you need to check if it's on/off, that's a switch. Anything you need stored for later (numbers, items, even text), that's a variable.
    Do the switches stay in other maps or do they reset? So if I use in Switch 1 in an indoor map, will it be the same Switch 1 in my outdoor map?
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thought I'd upgrade to mz from mv cause of the nice quality of life features but ****ing hell why couldn't they allow old plugins to work in it and secondly how come in over a year since it's release has there been no mz version of something so crucial as a non grid based movement plugin. I guess I'll stick with mv. (why wasnt mz just an update to mv anyway literally nothing substantial changed..)
Something might be coming...
A new day for creating :)
2021 has been the runner-up for the worst year of my life. 2015 may take that title, but '21 is pushing it. Excuses really don't justify how much of a jerk I've been this year to a lot of people.

I'm sorry. I don't intend to be a jerk forever, but I'd rather back up my intent with actions, not words.
"Another hundred habaneros... a teaspoon of tumeric... and a heaping helping of nitroglycerin!" The kitten in a chef's hat laughed maniacally as the pot he was stirring promptly exploded.

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