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    Chinese animation , sprite and tileset

    Thank you for your brilliant animations. Keep that good work up!:thumbsup-left:
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    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    Your stuff is as always amazing. I am a big ( and also silent since now) fan. Wish you nice travel holidays!
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    changing random weather effects

    Hey guys, I found a lot of inspiration in this forum. So I decided to give something back. I don't know if anybody else posted something like that yet. It is also not really smart or special. But it is something I like to put a bit more atmosphere to my game and maybe it inspires somebody to use...
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    different resolution for game and battle scenes possible?

    Yeah Frogboy, I was thinking about that. Actually what pivoo said is working quite well. As I am planing to use my own weapon sheets, it is the easiest way for me at the moment. But I will also experiment with zoom =) Thank you!
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    different resolution for game and battle scenes possible?

    Thank you for your information. I have not tried that now, but I will now. I just read information, that there can be troubles with other weapon sheet dimensions. So I will give it a try. Thank you!
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    different resolution for game and battle scenes possible?

    Hey guys, I just started using RPG Maker MV. So first of all I want to say hi. I found a lot of fantasitic ideas and information in this forum helping progressing my game. So also thank you for that! So here is my problem: I am using the great work of the Yanfly Core engine to change my games...

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