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  1. Writter MMORPG Fantasy

    Okay no problem thank you :)
  2. Writter MMORPG Fantasy

    Edit: New information about Game Concept
  3. Resources for Non-Commercial and Commercial Use

    Good and nice ressources :)
  4. Writter MMORPG Fantasy

    Hello I am working on a fantasy MMORPG. I need a writer to help me finish the all story and the aspect of the game. I have already start working on 5 classes which are not finished. Synopsis about the game: The game will be happening is a wonderful magical world, where the player will be...

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Oh man the controls in Mario Sunshine are pretty awful and I haven't even witnessed the controls without FLUDD
Lots of cool changes for Battle Castle in the works! Not just reworked dialogue, but gameplay, combat, and possibly lore changes to make things weightier.
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I started really going in on my project April of last year... I'm just now making starting the actual game... making assets (and not even all of them), whoooo... TIME SINK.

Imagine being a pleb and using --------------------.js :LZSwink:

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