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  1. Sending game

    Thank you for your help
  2. Sending game

    I'm trying to send my game to my friends who don't have RPG Maker MV and they can't open it. They keep getting nw_elf.dll is missing as a pop up. Any way to fix this?
  3. Music isn't working

    That could be it unfortunately
  4. Music isn't working

    Its still not working for me, should I remove them from the folder then try adding them back in with the import thing?
  5. Music isn't working

    I've added in the .ogg and .m4a files of the music I want to play into my game but it wont show up when I go to change it to play it, is there something I've missed?
  6. Projects not opening

    Ok thanks, the good part is I was only 4 days in and can get back there relatively fast. Still a kick in the balls
  7. Projects not opening

    Sadly there was no backup. I'm starting from scratch
  8. Projects not opening

    The game was running fine yesterday. I went to open it this morning and this keeps poping up. Please tell me theres a fix for this I'm stressing out
  9. Projects not opening

    Everytime I try to open up my game I'm working on I get this pop-up. Is there any way to fix this?
  10. Shop plugins

    Ok thank you. Sorry I'm fairly new to this program
  11. Shop plugins

    Wait I can do that in game? I didn't know that sorry
  12. Shop plugins

    Yea thats true. Just one that would have a menu that opens where you can buy and sell
  13. Shop plugins

    Does anyone know of a good shop plugin that I can use for a game I'm making. It would have to be one thats free because this is just a game for me and my friends
  14. Quest Log plug-in

    now this happens Edit: I found the issue! It was the rewards. I put 20 Gold and 100 EXP as the rewards just how they are. The plug-in must not have liked that
  15. Quest Log plug-in

    Ok thank you. I have all of them in my folder and will do that now

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