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  • So I tried composing a battle theme for the Linear Motion Battle System that I'm probably going to implement into my game. I really love real time combat, and I think that this theme might help give some energy to battles. Tell me what you think of it in the comments! Also, please do not use my music in your games.
    My LMBS battle theme
    Not bad, though the chords are a bit messy sounding. Don't know if that was intentional.
    @HexMozart88 Forgive me, but I've never actually taken a music class or anything of the sort lol. How do you mean the chords are messy sounding? Do you mean with the guitar instrument? or do you mean that parts of the song sound messy and jarbled together?
    Well, it's hard to explain if you haven't taken a music class, but essentially, it sounds as though some of the notes are too close together.
    I'm feeling out of it. Like, I know games aren't made in a day, but without a team, you can only get so far, yeah? I've been fed up with my game so much, I've considered switching to a 3d engine.
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Voting for the second round of the Map Madness Tournament is now live! Vote for your favorite in each matchup!
Just bought the Visustella All Waves bundle... Time to go IN!!
Oh, I was just confirmed I'll be doing small online classes during june - july, on one side I'm nervous and looking forward it, on the other one: I've became the very thing I swore to destroy. :kaodes:
Work starts today at 2pm. I hate jeans, but the dress code says I have to wear them... That's how I discovered I was a plus size. Shopping for my first pair of jeans.
Anyhow, I'll post a new video on TheDazzlingsAreBack as soon as I'm able to.

WIP :)
Added some cliffs / walls / roofs to the tilesheet and am currently working on roof objects to make them prettier and more variable. And of course, windows and doors that fit to the game's style.
I also adjusted the grass color but i have some issues with my display, so if it looks weird, please let me know :)

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