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  • So I tried composing a battle theme for the Linear Motion Battle System that I'm probably going to implement into my game. I really love real time combat, and I think that this theme might help give some energy to battles. Tell me what you think of it in the comments! Also, please do not use my music in your games.
    My LMBS battle theme
    Not bad, though the chords are a bit messy sounding. Don't know if that was intentional.
    @HexMozart88 Forgive me, but I've never actually taken a music class or anything of the sort lol. How do you mean the chords are messy sounding? Do you mean with the guitar instrument? or do you mean that parts of the song sound messy and jarbled together?
    Well, it's hard to explain if you haven't taken a music class, but essentially, it sounds as though some of the notes are too close together.
    I'm feeling out of it. Like, I know games aren't made in a day, but without a team, you can only get so far, yeah? I've been fed up with my game so much, I've considered switching to a 3d engine.
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When you discover great tileset resources that you completely forgot that you had. :kaomad3::kaopride:
Just got a better look at the MZ RTP. I'm very happy with it, especially the sci-fi tiles and sprites. Glad I pre-ordered.
I've just checked the VisuStella Plugins for MZ and there are already 11 plugins. The Yanfly team(perhaps a big one?) really works so effectively and efficiently that some MZ users can likely use tons of Yanfly plugins right after MZ's released (still 13 days from now). I wonder if any other plugin developer(or team) will try to compete with Yanfly this time, no matter how slim the chance to win is :)
Hello! :kaopride:I am new to RPG Maker, though I have been lurking the forums for a while. :kaoswt: Hope to make some friends and learn some stuff here! :kaothx:
And now since I've got the whole game parts working, the *contents* await.

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