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    A Drought System?

    It's a period of time. But the player is warned ahead of time
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    Custom Mouse Input

    Okay, thanks anyway.
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    A Drought System?

    Hi, I am making a farming game, and I'd like to make a drought system. So basically, ten days before the drought, I'd like the player to be alerted that a drought is coming. Then days later, I would like it not to rain in the game. (I have a common event controlling the weather.) Ten days...
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    RMMV Haven: Secret of Caledria | Demo Available

    *clap* *clap* Very, very well done. It's all very polished and clean, the font is very easy to read, the tileset was selected perfectly(I think you even made some of your own sprites too, so well done,) and the writing was great. I take my hat off to you, good sir!
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    Custom Mouse Input

    Not really. I want the player to, for example, hover a mouse over an object and more info is shown. I don't want to change the configuration of all the controls.
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    Custom Mouse Input

    Hello there, I was wondering if there was a way to do 'custom mouse input'. So for example, the normal mouse functions are removed, and when a player, say, right clicks a cow, then they get milk, instead of it being enter. I'm not sure if I explained it very well, so please let me know if you...
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    newbie map size question

    ..Short answer? No. Long answer? Not really, but it is theoretically possible. However, you'd need some pretty major JS programming to change the limit, and your game would most likely be very unstable/laggy. So not really. If you really need a large map, just do some transfer events on the...
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    Sound When Trying To Pass Impassable Tiles?

    So this is what I'm trying to do: I'd like a small sound to be played whenever a player tries to pass an impassable tile, like in Pokemon. (Well it happens in Diamond and Pearl, I haven't played the other games!) Is there a way to do this? Thanks, Yo Ewan
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    Chest/Barrel Storage Plugin?

    Hi, So I was wondering if there was any chest storage plugin for RPG Maker MV. I could almost swear I've seen one before, but I can't seem to find it now. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd be most pleased. Thanks, Yo Ewan
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    New Line in Shop Scene?

    Thanks! :)
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    Icons Instead of Text In Menu?

    Thanks! I'll check it out
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    Icons Instead of Text In Menu?

    Firstly, I'm sorry if this was in the wrong thread. I wan't sure where to put it so I put it here. --- Okay, so I'd like to make a menu with icons representing buttons like 'equip' and 'items', but I'm not sure how to do it? Is there any scripting required(if yes, I don't mind), and how could I...
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    New Line in Shop Scene?

    Hi, So I've being making my own shop menu layout recently(based of Yanfly's shop core) It was all going well until the window with all me database descriptions cut off like this...
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    Gameus' Quest System

    I made a video about this. It sucks because made it about a year ago, but it'll do.
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    Trial Expired Early!!

    Hi, I was playing around with the date and time settings on my PC and turned my time forward. However, I forgot to turn it back and when I opened RPG Maker (MV), it said that my trial has expired. (Because the date on the PC was wrong.) However, when I turned it back my trial had still ended...

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