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    Cloud Manager - Simple cloud based savegame system

    The client works fine but if you launch from a web browser, you get a network error. Can anyone test this by launching from the browser and let me know if you've gotten it to work from the browser? I know the client side works fine I just need any ok on it working for you browser side.
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    Cloud Manager - Simple cloud based savegame system

    Attached is an image of the error.
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    Cloud Manager - Simple cloud based savegame system

    When using it from a browser and either creating a new game or attempting to continue one, I get "Unknown Error" and under it "Network Error". It works fine from the client but not the browser. I use the full url Example:
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    I installed your script and it is great but only works for PC. On browser I get a network error...

    I installed your script and it is great but only works for PC. On browser I get a network error. Please help.
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    Cloud Manager - Simple cloud based savegame system

    Also, the script works fine if used outside of being a web app. If you use it from a web browser, I get a network error. The reason it was to be served was through a web browser and it seems not to be working that way.
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    Cloud Manager - Simple cloud based savegame system

    This script actually works. Good job. The main problem is switching between cloud and local saves. It would be nice to create that option. If you can it would be great.
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    What Version of RPG Maker MV are you still using?

    I haven't noticed any bugs yet with the 1.5.1.
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    RMMV In to the Wild - Platform game with MV

    Old Mario feel. Nice.
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    Supporting you.

    I think this is very nice. Do you still review games?
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    How far to take realism in games

    The original Morrowind was a good example of hard core RPG mechanics. It felt like a real world and gave you real life situations in a fantasy environment. Realism I think needs to be better defined. Does it feel real based upon our world and how we perceive it, or does it make you believe in...
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    Can a story ruin a game for you?

    It depends. If it is like a dungeon crawler, I may be in it just for the re-play value, looting, drops etc and the story may not matter, in fact in some games, I speed through the text or dialog. On the other hand, if the game is story driven, then it will carry my interest and if the story...
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    What RPGs should I play?

    I played so many RPGs I can't say for sure as each has it's own qualities. The Morrowind game series is one of the better ones of recent times. I enjoyed the very original Morrowind the best but Skyrim is a very good buy.
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    First RPG game you ever played

    It was Phantasy Star (the very original) for the Sega Master System for me. Still is perhaps the best RPG I've ever played.
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    Fantasy Farming: Orange Season - Now Available on Steam Early Access

    Sup Hudell. Thanks for your help with those cool plugins for MV. Your game looks great btw. I hope everyone supports it and gets a copy. I'm putting it on my wish list :).
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    OSS: RPG Maker MV CoreScript

    Looks good. Any more web side support for browser based versions?

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