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  • So question, how exactly do I add them to the game? I was following the plugin guides, but am little confused for some reason none of the images show during the battle scene
    The weapon sheets you released is what I am referring too with YEPS plugins
    they have to be in the Systems folder, the Weapons folder Yan says to create are for single custom weapons.

    I had a lil trouble with that myself.

    so say for the wrench i have it in the weapon notes as

    <Weapon Image: 26>

    <Weapon Motion: swing>

    the wrench i have is on the file "Weapons3"

    each sheet has 12 weapons

    Weapons1 = 1-12

    Weapons2 = 13-24

    Weapons3 = 25-36

    so that makes the wrench on the third weapons file #26

    HOPEFULLY this helps you out if not IM SORRY >_<
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