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  1. Hi, I'm just got RPGMV and I'm joining your community

    My tip? Play around. I have a game project called "Test" which I load up everytime I think "How do I do this...?" Create events that serve no purpose in your game, other than to prove that a thing can be done. Ask "What does this do?" and use it just to find out. If you don't know what every...
  2. Is this battle system even possible to do?

    It should be noted, RPG Maker is designed to make a very specific type of game: classic JPRG. The further you stray from that framework, the more difficult it is to make. Possible, but it requires a good understanding of the engine, and the capabilities and limitations of the available event...
  3. Your plugins are amazing though! You have no idea how much your picture book has saved me

    Your plugins are amazing though! You have no idea how much your picture book has saved me
  4. Is this battle system even possible to do?

    Alternatively, you could ignore RPG Maker's battle system altogether, and create battles using events. Use show picture to show the battlers, and use eventing (the "if [x] button is pressed] " conditional branch is useful here) to determine the actor and enemy movements. Use variables to...
  5. Travel between worlds?

    Don't know about the no events on airship issue, but in regards to your map being passable, check your tileset. I was going to tell you how to do that, but then realised your asking for MZ, which I'm not familiar with. On MV you got to it by opening the database and selecting tileset from the...
  6. RMMZ Easy Way to Show Actor Profile in Main Menu?

    There are a lot of menu plugins out there. Try this:
  7. Character can turn but not move?

    Another possibility is that your on your tileset sheet, the terrain you have them standing on is set to impassable terrain (signified by an X). You can see your tilesets by going to the database and selecting tileset from the menu on the left.
  8. RPG Maker MV / MZ Script Call List

    Wow, my brain must be melting. I couldn't work out to use two variables both set to map ID. Thanks for the solution.
  9. Mannequin Creeps Help.

    Not sure if this will do what you want (i've used it for a similar purpose, but not the same), but it might work for you. Pretty sure there are other detector plugins out there if this doesn't work.
  10. RPG Maker MV / MZ Script Call List

    I have an event that I want to copy onto multiple maps. I have a conditional branch which I want to check if the player has previously accessed the event on this screen. Easily done by checking to see if a variable matches the current map's ID, and then changing the variable to the current map...
  11. EIS Shop System

    I can't get the customize price commands for buy or sell to work. Not sure what the item information is, and the examples given are inconsistent with each other. Still, copied the examples (with my own information) and nothing is working. Here is the code I'm using...
  12. It's because prior to introducing genesis they just had model numbers next to their character...

    It's because prior to introducing genesis they just had model numbers next to their character names. i.e. Victoria 4 is the model before genesis, so Victoria 5 = genesis, and so on. That's why they jumped to 8, so that the two number systems were the same
  13. RMMV Limited stock shop compatible with YEP_ShopCore?

    Still wasn't compatible with ShopCore - it functioned, but I could buy up to the stock limit, then immediately buy the same product up to the stock limit again (eg., I could buy 5 potions max, then another 5, then another 5) without having to leave the shop menu. I decided to use it anyway and...
  14. (hopefully) quick question

    Your welcome. :)
  15. (hopefully) quick question

    I had it open, so this took all of 5 minutes :) Note the first event (the autorun) is a separate event from our character. In the bottom left hand corner it says Trigger. Set that to auto run. Then create a second page, and set that to run on action button (if you set it to autorun, the event...

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