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  1. OcRam - Passages plugin (for MV)

    You can use event if youre having issue with sidestairs
  2. Check if an event can move in a certain direction?

    So basically x and y is the location of tile which i want to check. Then the designation is where the event will enter from?
  3. Check if an event can move in a certain direction?

    Thanks for reply. How about x and y? Do i write it x and y or should i replace then with numbers?
  4. Check if an event can move in a certain direction?

    Is theres a way or script i can use to check if an event can move up,left,right or down? Im trying to make three even. That if player move up all three event will move up but if one of the three event cant move up all three event wont move. Same as if player cant move up all event wont move
  5. OcRam - Passages plugin (for MV)

    Thanks for helping. I manage to make to fix. I back read in this forum and found a suggestion of transfer. Although its different issue from mine i still try it out and it works. So my guess is the map needs to reload. Thanks. One problem is its not compatible to Dahlys_BigSprites. Anyway...
  6. Big Sprite Movement/Collision/Trigger Fix

    Nice plugin but apparently its not compatible to OcRam - Passages. Every time transfer event occurs it gives error. And also it activate event touch one tiles below even though i didnt set it that way
  7. OcRam - Passages plugin (for MV)

    Plugin is up to date. About the core one. I dont have it. Do i need to install it where can i find it?
  8. OcRam - Passages plugin (for MV)

    Im using your plugin. It works great however after trying to convert the game to pc version then play the game and save. Upon loading all tiles with 18 region disappear. Can you help me please?
  9. OcRam - Star Tile Fix plugin [RMMV]

    Is it just me or the plugin doesnt work? I have passage plugin. And this plugin is at the lowest. I'm using passage to do the same as this one as what this plugin intend to do. But im in a situation that i cant use passage plugin so i came here but it doesnt work. Just like this. In the fist...
  10. TSR_Save by The Northern Frog, customize the Save and Load screen

    How to get this result? Thanks in advance. My only issues are: Status too small I cant even read it ~How to Show Gold~ ~And add number of steps~ Edit: I manage to solve my gold issue while I give up on number of step. So my only issue now is status gauge and number to small
  11. Yanfly's Keyboard Config - Auto WASD

    Can i ask how to download files from node.js? This node.js is new to me. I try searching but i dont understand a thing.
  12. Pre-Title Events - Evented Splash/Title Screens

    Sorry i forget to mention. I already try disable all plugin except this plugin. I also try removing all plugin in editor. Everything i can think off i already try. Its still the same result.
  13. Pre-Title Events - Evented Splash/Title Screens

    Just like the instruction. I create new map with 004 mapID create events like show picture. And in plugin i set the map id to 4, 004, 04. I put the plugin in the lowest list, top, middle. I set that second option in plugin true, false. Nothing happens. Instead of sending me to the map. The game...
  14. Pre-Title Events - Evented Splash/Title Screens

    It wont work on me. I try everything i could think but nothing. Please help i really need to use this plugin

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