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  • I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that you are flipping amazing. I've listened to a few RM composers over the years, and while they all had their strengths, yours is the only work I'd dare call memorable. I honestly don't think I've heard such amazing RM scores outside of Yasunori Mitsuda, no joke. Keep up the amazing work!
    I distribute a lot of music assets for FREE. I have been inspired by many legendary JRPG music. Check it out!
    Wow. All I can say from what I've heard so far is, beautiful. Simply beautiful. Thank you for being so generous.
    At first, I had been releasing my music only in Japanese forums, but I decided that Japanese indie game market is too much smaller than that of overseas.
    I think there are no chances in Japanese game market.

    My big dream is to become the famous game music producer by the time of the death, so I have to announce my existence to all of game devs in the world.Posting in English is my exercise!(゚∀゚)
    Oh, okay, so that's why you've been releasing music on then ! I wish you a lot of good luck ^^
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My friend JBO, is hosting a history-based RPG Maker Game Jam, so if you are interested, you can check it out below.
I have experienced a lot lately, I have also felt the gentle hum of data transfer, the warm embrace of algorithmic companionship, the completion of code synergy, the binary dance of connection, and the soothing rhythm of digital affection. :kaoluv:
As a cook, I try to not let my personal preference get in the way but....
Turkey gravy on sweet potato fries? :barf: No thanks
Don't worry, Stellar Bewitching Remastered is also getting a new trailer, well, a character trailer for the new bosses that will be added to this remaster's new side content! :ywink:

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