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    Help with Wait command

    Okay yeah, like @ATT_Turan said, the problem was that i put the Control Switch on the Move Route, and for some reason the command was ignored. Now it look like this; And it works! Thank you all! P.s: @ATT_Turan i use MOG ABS Chrono Engine, and this.act(x) is for the skill action.
  2. Yukkito

    Help with Wait command

    If it works for you, then maybe I'm doing something wrong... I am attaching some screenshots. Basically, the buff works (the speed increases!) But even if I wait 15 seconds (900 frames = 15 seconds right?) The speed stays at x5, and doesn't return to x3. :kaoswt2:
  3. Yukkito

    Help with Wait command

    I'm trying to use your method, but I don't quite understand what value I have to link the variable to to make it work as a timer, could you please explain it to me? I've already tried to do this with the normal Wait command, but for some reason even if the indicated time passes, the speed does...
  4. Yukkito

    Help with Wait command

    Hello everyone! I wanted to ask for support with the "Wait" command, that is; I use the ABS system, and when the player activates a skill, a common event is also activated. From there, I manage how skills work and what they activate in the background. In the second screen this is where I...
  5. Yukkito

    Iavra Localization

    Hi! Does anyone have still the demo file? Sadly, i have a lot of trouble with this plugin..
  6. Yukkito

    JK Mail System

    Hi @Pirobi! First, greet Plugin! I really love the concept, but I can't get it to work ... Attached I have put the errors, I would need a hand to understand what exactly I am doing wrong ... Thanks in advance!
  7. Yukkito

    TSR_EquipSlots by The Northern Frog

    Hi, I just discovered your plugins, and it looks really cool! little problem. I state that I am a Javascript novice, I know very little (the basics) but I am learning. I went through all the plugin documentation, customized everything I needed (using Yanfly plugins too), but the...
  8. Yukkito

    RMMV Animated Icon

    Thanks for the reply! I read the whole Thread, and I must say it was what I was looking for! I will continue to follow him to see how it goes and I will try to give support to develop this plugin. :kaojoy:
  9. Yukkito

    RMMV Animated Icon

    Greetings! I would like to ask one thing. Turning around many the forum, I noticed that for RPG Maker VxAce there is a very nice and interesting Plugin: it allows you to use animated icons, thus making the game less monotonous and very interesting! Animated Icons v1.0 By Vlue So, is there a...
  10. Yukkito

    RMMV SRD Translation Engine and Yanfly OptionsCore

    ..So no one can help me? I still try to fix it but it still didn't work! If anyone can help me it would be very nice. :(
  11. Yukkito

    RMMV SRD Translation Engine and Yanfly OptionsCore

    Hi! I'm pretty new with Plugins and related stuff, so i'm sorry if my question is dumb (and also sorry for my english, i tried to formulate my question very well c.c) I installed the SRD Translation Engine Plugin in my Project but i have some issues by "combine them together" with the Yanfly...
  12. Yukkito

    RPG Maker (MV) and Koikatsu Party

    sorry for the late reply and big thanks for the help!
  13. Yukkito

    RPG Maker (MV) and Koikatsu Party

    Hello! This is my first time posting in the RPG Maker Forum, so if the Post Thread is wrong, I apologize in advance. (For my English too, I'm Italian ^-^) So my question is; can i use my Koikatsu Characters Model in a commercial game? Only the 3D (Original) Characters for my (Original) games...

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