Hello there!

My real name is Vasi .

I'm 23 years old,and I live in Romania,for the moment.

I like to travel,I play at the
violin and

piano(12 years of experience and many Olimpiad awards)


I am a hand made illustrator,I would love to buy a graphic tablet.

Here are some pics of my work ^^


But enough of this ^^ I still have a lot of things to learn,and I love when I find amazing stuffs,I'm breathless.'s okay guys,calm down now... to continue,I loooove cats C.C

And fairitales stories,games,everithing....

I love the adventure games,fantasy especial.I like to enter into the story of the game completly.

I played many games with high lvl characters,many hours a day,my God...what crazy times...when I go to sleep at 5 Am and wake up at 6 Am to go to school :) )) 1 hour of sleep,it was crazyness :D but I enjoied it with my class mates.I played:

         Lineage 2 Goddes of destruction/Ertheia cronicles

  Wonderland Online,beautiful 2D made,amazing graphics,stunning places,you can try it,it's free.

                                              And I love to cook^^


                                                       That's all folks!

                                   Happy RPGMaking!!


Movies: S.F/Comedy/Adventure/Animation/Action/Romantic/Drama/ Indian&Japanese tv series
Jul 29, 1992 (Age: 28)
First Language
Primarily Uses



Yunary Resources

Current Project:Ertheia Kingdom


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