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  1. RMMV Where's the Skill mastery level up animation from Yanfly are?

    If you check the plug-in, it has a section for '--visual--', make sure it's expanded and you should see 'level up animation'. You can set it so it is mirrored or not on actors and enemies.
  2. RMMV Yanfly Skill Core Custom Requirement

    It's a Christmas miracle, thank you so much, that has been killing me for quite some time! I see where I went wrong there, thank you for the explanation as well.
  3. RMMV Yanfly Skill Core Custom Requirement

    Trying to make a triple-team skill that requires 3 specific actors to both be present in the current party and free of several states that would preclude them using the skill (dead, sleep, frozen, etc). I've been using the provided script for a dual skill that works perfectly, but I can't...
  4. TSR_MoveEvent

    Thank you for the update, I really appreciate you!
  5. TSR_MoveEvent

    Ah, I understand. I might have to just find another key set-up. That alternative you mentioned would also work, if it’s not too difficult an addition. Someone else may find it useful as well. Thank you for your time.
  6. TSR_MoveEvent

    Great plugin! Is it possible for you to add a parameter to set the pick up function to be either hold 'ok' or simply press 'ok' to grab and press again to release? My current control set up makes it pretty difficult for the player to grab and also move around.
  7. Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    Okay, I think I’m tracking now. The format is “If….else…end”. I thought it was like “if….end….else….end”. So if I’m using “end”, it’s being used to conclude the preceding “if” statement. Thanks for your help, it was probably time to learn this properly anyways.
  8. Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions I need to have 'end' in several places? I thought end was only used at the very end of the statement. I'm obviously not well versed in this sort of thing lol. <target action> if (user.skillMasteryLevel(173) >= 1) motion escape: user move user: target, front, 25 face...
  9. Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    Can anyone with more brain wrinkles than me figure out why this isn't working as intended? I want each hit to have a different animation if it's critical or not, but maybe I have too many "ifs" going on here or something. It also has additional hits based on the mastery level of the skill...
  10. TSR_Save by The Northern Frog, customize the Save and Load screen

    If I'm trying to have icons appear in the progress section based on switches and I use there a way to have the icon show without the words "true" next to it? I tried being cute and setting the font size to zero but that didn't work.

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