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  1. Happy Suikoden Day everyone. Luca Blight is quite interesting and you have to look into his...

    Happy Suikoden Day everyone. Luca Blight is quite interesting and you have to look into his backstory to understand why he is who he is. His story is quite sad actually.
  2. Question (and edit) to Yanfly's Party System

    I cannot wait to see your game.
  3. Suikoden Revival Movement

    What I mean is that it shouldn't have to come down to that and that there should be an easier means to do it.  The fact that they have made it that hard isn't right.
  4. Suikoden Revival Movement

    Then the Movement is right up your alley.
  5. Suikoden Revival Movement

    Btw thanks for the support.
  6. Suikoden Revival Movement

    Problem is that it is only in the States and Japan and not for Australia or Europe.
  7. Suikoden Revival Movement

    Hey guys, I am Zachary from the Suikoden Revival Movement. I am sure that many of you have at least heard of Suikoden. Now, if you recall games like Breath of Fire, Vandal Hearts and Wild Arms  which are all games that are pretty much all but lost (even though Vandal Hearts did have a PS3...

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