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    [VXAce][Victor Engine - Step Sound] - Enemy events too loud

    Paste this add-on as a separate script below Victor's Step Sound script: Change the HEARING_DISTANCE variable to your liking. I hope it helps you!
  2. Chiispiitas

    CSCA Map Title Issue

    Script Well you ain't fitting that huge map into a 544x416 resolution. The little portion that's showing is the only bit that can fit your game window. I believe you want to show all the map at once, and while it's possible, it may require a completely different script that converts your map...
  3. Chiispiitas

    Please help! RPG Maker XP problem! (FIXED)

    Yeah, your editor can't launch any executable other than Game.exe. You'll have to rename it back to Game.exe (and delete UNHiNGED.rpgxp, why'd you have two project files in your folder?). Don't worry, you can rename to whatever you want after compiling your game.
  4. Chiispiitas

    Cutscene Troubles.

    I have three ideas: Is there anything blocking the path of either the player or the NPC? Is the tileset of your map configured correctly? Make sure the "ground" is passable. And most importantly, is your event set to Autorun/Parallel Process?
  5. Chiispiitas

    Can't get Twitch video to embed

    Sounds like the forum is running an outdated version of S9E Media Sites, the add-on that handles media embeds. You aren't doing anything wrong, we just have to wait until the staff installs a new version of the add-on (which is weird, since they just updated the forum a while ago, so they...
  6. Chiispiitas

    Please help! RPG Maker XP problem! (FIXED)

    If this isn't the case, also try disabling your antivirus to see if that's the issue. Your Game.exe is somehow being inaccessible when trying to launch it.
  7. Chiispiitas

    Input number to choose how many?

    Well this is only possible with mathematics. Specifically proportions and probability. But before trying to do formulas and stuff like that, can you please elaborate a little bit more? Do you plan on having different probabilities for each item or do you want to use fixed proportions?
  8. Chiispiitas

    Statue Code

    The right angel was good in the first image you sent me. You only have to check the variable once. I'll give you an example of the stairs password: Pay close attention and you'll see that this matches the second image I sent to you, the one describing every single event.
  9. Chiispiitas

    Statue Code

    That's it! Well done.
  10. Chiispiitas

    Statue Code

    You won't need this conditional branch. Because with that branch you're implying that the Left Angel is the first one in the password, when it should be the Right Angel, or am I wrong? Everything you need is to check if the Variable equals 5 at the moment the player is interacting.
  11. Chiispiitas

    Statue Code

    The first conditional branch is wrong, you're basically saying, if the Left Angel is the first one (Variable == 0), then set the counter to 4. You'd want to do that with the Right Angel, since that's the one starting the password. You only want the "Variable [Secret Stairs] == 5" branch. When...
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    Input number to choose how many?

    You can set any variable to a random number between 0 and X. It's one of the options in the Control Variable command. From there, you can have different branches, for example: * Set variable X to a random number between 0 and 1 *If variable X = 0 do ---- end *If variable X = 1 do ---- end
  13. Chiispiitas

    Input number to choose how many?

    Are you using 'Control Variables > Game Data > Item "X" on inventory' to keep track of the trash item? Can I have a screenshot of your event so I can take a look on full detail?
  14. Chiispiitas

    Input number to choose how many?

    What part of it isn't working? The change items one? Or the trash amount check? You don't have to use "exit event processing" by the way. It's redundant.
  15. Chiispiitas

    Input number to choose how many?

    The event should be something like:

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