I am a 31 year old male from Texas, and as an RPGMaker user I am predominately an art guy though I dabble in Javascript, have a pretty solid understanding of Event Code from using RPGMaker since the good old days of RPGMaker 95, and have even done some music. I create videos, tutorials, resources of all kinds, I'll lovingly bug-test your Plugins, and even answer Event Code questions if you shoot me a PM. I am loving RPGMaker MV and how amazing the Community surrounding it has been so active; and I'm here to help.
Feb 26, 1984 (Age: 37)
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"I was waiting on a moment, but the moment never came...all the billion other moments were just slipping, all away."


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I just did some math and... apparently what seemed to be a little fun gimmick turned out to be an 80+ actors project :kaoswt2:
Yay! the original character contest 3 pack is here!
Both MV and MZ looks very good, congratulation for both RMW and Tkool participant!
I definitely can add these characters to use for my game project.

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The worst part of game development has to be marketing. Ugh...
May be starting a new job in a month or so. The thought is both exciting and terrifying.
Not like a rollercoaster though. Rollercoasters are just terrifying.
"Merchants don't sell you a product. They sell you something RIGHT NOW. That's all they're selling, the product of having what you want RIGHT NOW and not having to wait for it."

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