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    Bug Movement Route: Jump Z values

    There are no relevant attachments, that was just an outdated sig that has now been removed.
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    Bug Movement Route: Jump Z values

    Playing around in MZ and I noticed that when issuing a Movement Route: Jump command, the Player and Followers' sprites' Z values behave really oddly. They jump over map tiles marked with a "Star" and under Events marked as "Same as characters" when they should go under map tiles marked with a...
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    Clarity's Edge Development

    @RedSandwich Sorry for the late response, but @mlogan is right, it is a compiled set with a lot of edits. The vast majority of the custom pieces are from PandaMaru (who has a ton of amazing stuff posted around the forums). Hope that helps. @gRaViJa Both actually, I made them myself and I have...
  4. Zael

    Clarity's Edge Development

    I've had a few major set-backs in Development, but I am still working. Allow me to elaborate: To give you some context, I live in Texas and we are currently in the middle of our monsoon season. It has been flooding in some areas of the state, and raining a lot. Basically this time of year it...
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    Clarity's Edge Development

    @HuntingSwan Hey, I finally got to sit down and watch your stream of the game. I really enjoyed your commentary in the video, your streamers were great as well. <3 Thanks for the review and the insights. :) Random battles are the bane of my existence, it doesn't really matter what you set...
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    VE - Throwable Objects

    @Victor Sant If you want, feel free to post those Boomerangs I made with the Plugin so people can have them and not have to go looking. :)
  7. Zael

    Let's draw each other's characters!

    @amaSenpai I did a quick pencil sketch in a comic book-esque style of your dude. :) Scan quality was terribad though for some reason. And... Here is one of mine:
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    Dialogue forks, event(ing) question

    This is actually really easy, you will need a variable, we'll call it "Party Leader ID". Here's how the Event would work: Control Variable: "Party Leader ID" Variable = Game Data > Party > Member #1 ID Conditional Branch: If "Party Leader ID" Variable = 1 (Actor ID goes here)...
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    Boomerang Icon for MV

    Seeing the Throwable Objects Plugin teaser in your sig, I think you need something like these (I made a couple so you have options): Hope this helps you out, have a good one. Z
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    Default Attack

    Yanfly's Weapon Unleash Plugin will let you do that really easily, it has a bunch of other stuff it can do as well though. Still, you can just ignore all the extra features and just use the Note Tag (which can be used on Actors, Enemies, Classes, Weapons, Armors, or States): <Replace...
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    Is it possible to change Sideview Actor Graphic on state change? (aka Toad/Mini from FF games)

    This is absolutely possible. In fact, here is a tutorial that Drifty from Driftwood Gaming made on how to do it: Hope that helps you out, have a good one. Z
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    Meep's MV RTP Edits/Recolors

    I would have been happy if it was just the doors, and then I keep seeing more and more and more. You're a workhorse. This is amazing, excellent work! Thanks for sharing! Z
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    RPG Maker MV Tutorial - Breath of Fire III's Examine

    I wanted to perfect Rellik's (a character from my game) acquisition of Enemy Skills, so I worked at it until I figured out how to replicate the Examine Skill from Breath of Fire III. I attached a Scan effect from Yanfly's Tips and Tricks to the Skill, so Rellik can gauge their weaknesses and...
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    RPG Maker MV Tutorial - Leveled Shops

    It has always bothered my in games when you get to the next town and they have better loot in the Shops than the previous town. If the guys in the last town wanted to, they could take over the world with their superior weaponry. So I made a Tutorial on how to make your Shops level with the...
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    Event Editor Window Glitch RMVXA

    Had a similar thing happen in my Development in RPG Maker MV. Your project data has become corrupted. The only thing you can do is roll back to a previous version of the project before that happened. That worked for me, if that doesn't work, then I don't really know, maybe try uninstalling...

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