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    Bump. Updated the opening post. Will furnish this thread with sketches tomorrow
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    Stay strong

    Stay strong
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    There goes my days shall be

    There goes my days shall be
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    Hi, I dunno how to bump, so if double posting in this case is not right, pls accept my apology. anyway, just wanna let folks know, I updated the info on the first post in this thread. thanks
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    Thank you. I've editted the OP. Will try to make it before June 20th.
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    Sorry, my apology. I will rectify it real quick
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    Okay .Come to thinkk of it, it was over 2 years ago the last time I used GIMP. I'll check out Pixlr and ya I also heard good things(sprites especially, iirc) made with GraphicsGale
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    Glad that I learnt this lesson, hehe. Alright. What tools do you suggest besides Photoshop? I need something with friendly learning curve. Dunno with GIMP it always slow to starting up..
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    Ohh..I see. Uh I thought smusching them together just like that works charm. Wait lemme read it again. Okay what wisdom. I was thinking the foreign square loophole would succeed illustrating "forestness of the forest". But now I notice it's not junctioned correctly, hmm, they are placed...
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    Right, that's two now, gotta learn how to fix it, thanks @Trihan x3
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    Thanks for replying! I have editted the first post, cus I thought no one was gonna bother me :< Could you check it out? >_< Thanks, Iearnt a lot from your questions and observations. Hmm how to say aa..well all I can try to reflectively say at the moment is..I was trying, and am trying, to...
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    Spend close 2hours just to make this map. But twas fun though :) What do you think?
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    Combat System: Duel, Brawl, Skirmish and Battle. Duel is like 1 on 1 King of Fighters game. Brawl is like sideview or frontview party based combat. Skirmish is like FF Tactics or Disgaea combat System. And Battle is like RTS combat system like Cossack or Red Alert 2 Multiple Lifeskills...

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