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    Classifieds Info

    So I finally hit 30 count and upgraded to member. Kind of curious how long before I can go look at classifieds. I don't intend on doing any commissioned work but I been wanting to take a peek at rates for mappers since MV was new, and finally hit that magic post count lol I poked around can't...
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    Front View or Side View?

    Most prefer side view, can't lie I prefer it but I use custom sprites and idea of making battlers too just makes me cringe so I use front view in my projects that I never finish sadly...
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    Why do some games with terrible graphics still achieve success?

    "Good" is subjective I love a good pixel art game here and there. Key thing isn't the graphics I loathe when people show up and go "well it looks like 1990s trash!" its like yeah I grew up in the 90s that is called retro and they did a great job at it. Also key thing is story and gameplay. If...
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    Making a battle system that affects the game without being labeled as an undertale clone.

    Yeah should be able to be done with events pretty easy. And honestly we need more morality in some of the games. I still love throwing in a bit of cliche, where player tries to loot some strangers stuff they get yelled at for just walking into some ones place and trying to rifle through their...
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    How Do Most People Play These Games?

    Meh I always play games with the default 3 frame animations. So FPS was never a big deal at all. I mean you want it to be constant through out the game nothing worse then going to do something and it slows down more then it normally does. Like there is one game I play that has mouse support you...
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    Do you use a controller (gamepad) when playing RM games?

    If its vxace and yes people still make stuff with that, always. Most MV and MZ have full mouse support these days and I use mouse instead in the modern stuff I find. But a good vintage vxace with game pad is nice here and there granted the more depth my monitor gets the more vxace becomes hard...
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    How to make lots of dialogue feel less overbearing?

    You can tell instead of show people always get that wrong in RPGM one of the best ones I played uses basic rtp, generic everything then once creator got lots of fans and what not paid some one to make cg to go behind his novel like bits in the game. Talking chat box took over full screen but in...
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    How long is to long of a beginning?

    Big thing is one, is story good, two is there stuff for the player to do. I mean I seen some with giant walls of text its ok in some cases but its best to do mix it up, let player dink around throw in a little light humor or something to break up monotony. Like have it so you can interact with...
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    Is it possible to make 20GB+ size RPGM ?

    Are you sure about that I seen some over 2gb, I think that might been like vx or older. Heck I got one that was 4.8gb not that long ago it had animations and what not that it would call up for cut scenes, and frankily they were not even that great just a huge pile of images and jifs burried in...
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    I am Proud of MZ

    I mean it is better...
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    Tutorial-Blog Build Your Community Through Your Game

    Seen a lot of people do this, its pretty good idea. In fact I seen some with very very humble beginnings do quite well just by building a community, then others with good beginnings but no sense of community struggle like crazy.
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    What to do before you make your RPG

    Super helpful that is my issue I start tiny, then start snowballing real fast, I go "I know a little of the basics, I want more more! MORE!" Next thing I know I got all these plugins I got no clue how to use, and I am spending hours trying to make the map perfect in photoshop, using parallax...
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    How to install Tiled and use it in RPG Maker MZ

    Well a tutorial to use it for parallax mapping would be nice as well... As I am having tons of issues about to go back to parrallax just I kind like Tiled better then photoshop now. Also it doesn't save in any image format that i can see kind of curious how you use it for parrallax mapping.
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    How to install Tiled and use it in RPG Maker MZ

    Is there gonna be any more tutorials for MZ and Tiled, I was photoshop before and parralax plugin this is much nicer but a bit confusing at same time...
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    is the secret to success making 18+ content?

    Key thing as some one who freqrents places where people put up their ******* 18+ games is find a niche, or do decent quality work. Like all games people want to feel like you got a direction of where this is going nothing worse then some one with a great idea, who then after version 3 of their...

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