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  1. Dungeons and Dragons ~ The First RPG

    I play D&D 5e regularly at a local game store (the non video game kinds). I didn't think I could get into it at first, but it was a great way to interact with people who are like me of different ages. There are 5 or so groups that play at once and ours is the young group, (14-25 years...
  2. Unity games and the rescent zero effort trend with stock assets

    Good games can be made with either engine. But recently we've seen alot more casual hobbyists deciding they are professional game makers and posting what they have on steam greenlight, for example.  I think that at the moment Unity might a bit more of a problem because to make a good RM game...
  3. Newbie problems (NPCs not following their set paths)

    I am trying to making two guards look like they are sparring in a training hall.  I instructed them to step forward twice one, a 'bump' sound plays and they jump back one step, walk back one step and repeat. Their direction they go is mirrored and I am trying to make it look like they and...

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Here's a screenshot of my newest map. Take in consideration that I'm no mapper at all. :p


Today I removed a lot of flashing used in many attack animations. Instead there's a deep or shallow rumble (it's more satisfying when the controller rumbles with it anyway). I thought about it ever since I nearly blinded myself in the early morning and because someone brought it up. I also realized I have to redo much of Somewhen's thread...
My car Got hit by a car. I'm alive . Left hand hurts to poops . Spend so much time trying to motivate for these moments. Reality is so much quicker, can't sleep and world move on ish.
Just got done hand feeding some baby raccoons who were orphaned when the mother was killed by a car.

First time in my life I've done it and they are adorable.

Taking them in the morning to a Rescue that specializes in wild animals so they will survive. :D

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