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  • Create a jumping button, that allows me to jump on things and over things and I can block it. I also created a save button, much easier than creating events on a map to save.
    Now all you have to do is start the switch on.

    With Events: on the start up menu make an event that's auto runned, on the first page which should be set to auto run, turn on the switch needed to turn the switch and a self switch; on the second page, make sure it's triggered by the self switch and is on action button.

    Or you could use scripting, use this script to turn it turn it on a the start of the game :

    The only added script...
    that I would recommend using is this one:

    because it allows to alter the hot keys so that other users can use the same keys you do. As well as add more keys to your game.
    Also sorry for the late replies it took, I just notice the comments now.
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I have a very strong feeling my internet will be hurricane'd, forcing me to work exclusively on my projects. Wish me luck y'all.
Figured I should probably put my badly written RMMV plugins on GitHub or something, idk.
I've been working on plugins to make it easier to incorporate Persona 3's Once More batsys into MV games. One makes it so you can have states automatically applied to the target and/or user when their hit crits or targets a weakness... I could use testers for it, though. Maybe I'll make a thread in the JS Plugins In Development board about it?
Whenever I'm feeling down I like to watch Bardic Inspiration by Deerstalker Pictures
on youtube. Because 'my mockery is Vicious.' It's funny and catchy like the flu.

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