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    Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System

    Is this script still available somewhere? The dropbox link on the website is broken.
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    Yanfly Action Sequence - Making characters move without turning around

    I updated the finish action part of the code to <finish action> CLEAR BATTLE LOG move user: home, 12 face user: away from home wait for movement face user: forward </finish action> And that gave me this error ReferenceError: target is not defined at...
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    Yanfly Action Sequence - Making characters move without turning around

    Hi! I made a skill animation using Yanfly's plugin. It works well, but the problem is at the end. When the character goes back to his original position (move user: home, 12), he turns back before moving. So, in the player's case. He moves left, uses his skill, turns right and moves right back to...
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    Editor crashes randomly

    Yeah, I have plenty of space in the HD, and the folder isn't being synchronized anywhere. The crashes happen randomly, not only when saving. Last time happened when I was editing a map.
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    Editor crashes randomly

    No, all I have is my firewall.
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    Editor crashes randomly

    Yeah... but previous versions were also crashing. I was hoping updating would solve that problem.
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    Editor crashes randomly

    I'm experiencing a lot of trouble with the editor randomly crashing on me. Sometimes it's browsing the database, sometimes it's editing a map... the worse is when it happens when I try to save the project. I haven't noticed any pattern to it. There was one time when it corrupted my...
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    RPG Maker MV 1.5.0 Update!

    I did all I was told in the instructions to update the maker and my project, and now I'm getting an issue when I try to playtest it. It gets stuck on this screen, right after starting it. rpg_core.js is version 1.5.0 After some investigation, I found out that the issue seems to be caused...
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    Problem reading weapon info from the database

    Oh, setting that variable to 0 fixed it :D What a weird option to be enabled by default. Thanks! I feel bad it was something so simple... I should pay more attention next time :P
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    Problem reading weapon info from the database

    Hello, I ran into a weird problem. For some reason, the game isn't reading some of the equipment parameters correctly from the database. Things like attack, defense, hp etc come with the wrong values, while other things like equipment name and price seem to be correct. Here's an example... The...
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    Official Bug Report

    I found a way to make MV crash 1) Enter the event editor mode on the main screen 2) Press enter, and quickly press up (or any arrow key) and press enter again Does this happen to anyone else?
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    VX Ace to MV Converter

    Not sure if this was reported before, but the script doesn't convert animations properly when they have rotated sprites. Apparently, when you change the angle of an image in the animation, VX Ace rotates it counter-clockwise, while MV rotates it clockwise... Can anyone help?
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    Using more than one external font

    Hello all! I know you can use one external font by editing the game font css file... but how can I use two external fonts? By "external font", I mean, a font that isn't installed in the computer.
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    Help File

    Oooh cool! I'll try them out later! Thanks! :)
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    Help File

    Usually in help files, the middle tab just shows a huge list of terms used in the help file... not very useful in many situations... I don't see this help file becoming easier to use, unless I start memorizing terms that appear in each topic page, so I wouldn't have to browse everything... but...

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