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  • Writing a To-Do list with all tasks needed is hard. But the feeling of certainty of knowing what to do afterwards is such a relief!
    Does anyone know how to mirror the sideview battle, as in battlers on the left, mirror all enemy sprites? Using YEP Battle Engine Core
    find the scene creation routine and the sprite positioning function, and just change the X coordinates.
    it's a simple number change, but you have to find the right variable... that's the tricky part.
    Status Updates are not for asking Support questions. These should be posted in the support forum for the engine you are using.
    New profile pic.. again! not sure if it's correctly painted, was mostly eyeballing but w/e
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Guys, if you are seeing this post, send me your RPG Games, I wanna test some to know about everyone! ^^
Got the scam again this morning... Maybe a tirade will work better.
Anyway, I'm taking off for Orlando tomorrow. My train leaves at 1:27 and the Wi-Fi on the train is TERRIBLE. Of course, I can't wait to see Dad. I haven't seen him since PTSD treatment. Maybe he'll take me to Aquatica after Halloween!
grief... when ONE plugin is causing a range of issues lol. but then you realize it's the only plugin of it's kind and you don't have a replacement for it lol. oof
the "Run and Hydlide" Update is now live for my game "A Postmortem Nation"

I'll be back soon, reality is trying to capture me but I'm faster!

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