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    RPG Maker XP - Map limit of 999 (yes, again)

    Ohhh, you have it structured like that. In that case there is something that can be done. It is possible to have duplicate maps. I.e. maps that exist in multiple discs. Say that map 42 is Palace of Heroes. You could then duplicate the map in Disc1 and have it contain just 1 event that runs as a...
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    Belated welcome back Kes :D

    Belated welcome back Kes :D
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    RPG Maker XP - Map limit of 999 (yes, again)

    You have multiple options. Here's a list of some solutions I see in order of best to worst according to my subjective opinion: Wait for an RPG Maker XP editor patch that removes or raises the map limit (Not gonna happen) Use my Disc Changer script Create episodic games Create multiple games...
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    Opening Cutscene on game launch.

    Yes, with scripting. You can consider skipping the title screen and then event your own cutscene before eventing your title screen. A number of games have done this so it is a possiblity you can consider.
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    Suggestion Just another rant from a RM veteran + Suggestions and Solutions

    Interesting topic :3 Not to discount from your suggestion, but I want to let you know that you can rename the project file. This workaround is something you can do today: P.s. the game.rmmzprojects are throwaway projects. I am not sure I like the idea of the rmmzproject file being renamed...
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    Android save data

    Android does have a feature called AutoBackup: That said, Android is a bit of a fragmented mess so don't expect any particular backup option to work for all phones.
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    What controllers are supported by MZ and to an extent, MV?

    If you are using a program like joy2key you'll be able to use most controllers.
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    Closes automatically? Sounds like an error of some sort. Maybe you need to update your graphics drivers? I recommend you try searching on the internet to see if other has encountered a similar issue.
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    Here's a screenshot:
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    Go into your graphics driver settings and choose among your options. I personally have the option for integer scaling which works really well for pixelart games.
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    Can I use bitmap backgrounds instead of tilesets?

    Technically you are correct, but to be even more pedantic, with your suggestion the tileset will still be used. Only using one tile is still using the tileset. Using one invisible tile or multiple invisible tiles? What's the difference? From the player's point of view using a purely invisible...
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    Is there a "XP to VX Ace" converter?

    There hasn't been much motivation for creating an XP => VX or XP => VX Ace converter given that the mapping systems has been seen as inferior. Depending on how far you have gotten with your game I'd recommend either staying with XP or jumping straight to MZ with a possible reimplementation. If...
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    Or maybe you would have had scope creep so much that you'd still need 2 more years to finish it :P

    Or maybe you would have had scope creep so much that you'd still need 2 more years to finish it :P
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    How esoteric :kaoback:

    How esoteric :kaoback:

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