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    The Iniquitous Gospel (Demo Available)

    Thank you, all for the honesty! I'll fix those mistakes, sorry it took me a little bit to answer back. I appreciate this comments thanks! I've been trying to become a better writer, but still so much to learn. :)
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    The Iniquitous Gospel (Demo Available)

    The Iniquitous Gospel   Introduction       Story   Features 1) Original Music (created by terrabyte303) 2) Lighting script by Near Fantastica 3) Mouse capability gameplay script by Near Fantastica & SephirothSpawn 4) Book like illustrations specially made (in the works) 5) Puzzle mechanics...
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    the Door of Zosha [UPD:05-29-2014]

    All around it's a great demo! I'm impressed with the mapping; its just incredible! 
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    Game Making Drive March 2014

    DAYS: Everyday if possible TIMES: Anytime as long as it's passed 1:30pm MY TIME ZONE: (UTC/GMT - 6:00) GMT- 6:00 ​PREFERRED TEAM: Flexible. I need to keep on a daily schedule, and a flowing motivation.
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    Ideas in Ink: Death and Rebirth

    Prompt: The Iniquitous Gospel 
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    Naruto, Great or Terrible?

    I did love Naruto and Bleach but I don't watch it, or read it anymore. Dubbed versions of Anime don't ruin the experience. I've seen plenty of Anime that have excellent voice-overs, and sometimes its even better than the subbed. Now, as far as Naruto and Bleach I lost my interest after the...
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    Interesting IG Maker Issue

    Sorry I wish I could help you. You actually maybe the only or very few that use IG Maker. I'm learning how to use it at the moment. 
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    I've tried at it but failed.

    I've tried at it but failed.
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    Event System Support (EXPERT USERS ONLY!)

    How do you make locked doors, in which you can use certain keys or levers to open them?
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    Fae Rebirth

    This seems pretty interesting, I do look forward to this. Keep up the work!
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    WHERE can you sell your game? What are the requirements?

    What does that mean no ripped resources?
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    Looking for: Guest Bloggers

    I like the idea! I would like to see more in depth tutorials, expanding over all of RPG Maker.
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    How to Sell Your Game - Boot Camp

    Wow! Very helpful indeed! :)
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    Tales of Einalis

    You a fan of the "Tales" series? Good idea though! I'll definitely try the demo out. ^_^
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    Ruins of Rydos [Demo Available!]

    I'm digging the 8-bit and battle system!

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I've just finished organizing music files from a music Humble Bundle I purchased a while ago (putting in specific themed playlists, deleting from playlists, deciding which games they'll be used for. etc.). I'm feeling pretty confident that the sound design for my games will be up to high standards. Sound design seems to be relatively under-discussed as a topic in game development imo.
So I just got back from SeaWorld and I'm back to working on my game. I'm stuck on Shadowstar, mainly due to needing two more princesses... I have all the canon and toy princesses, plus Sunset Shimmer just for kicks. I decided not to include Cadence since this isn't in that era. But... I'm going to have to design two OCs now.
I'm completely missing on this site :kaodes: How's everybody doing lately?
I'm looking at/working through a simple game tutorial. Town, dungeon, boss; town, dungeon, boss; etc. (Thanks, Yanfly!) I'm itching to make something complex but experience (and past disappointment!) tell me to go slow and learn.

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