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  • decided to have subclasses work differently in my game. They summon in a partner when you select one. this took some work tho as I had to get the class scene to pop up as a common event instead of straight from the menu. it was the only way to add/remove party members while on the menu screens.
    Dash in Grab 2 a.png
    I had fun drawing this fighting game like command grab lol. adding these pics as visual cutins during attacks had let me emulate a lot of fighting game attacks without needing to draw sprites for them.
    Face 1.png
    new face today for my game's Persona like "Reaper" boss. also made them a battle track that's a mix of the normal battle theme and the one of mini bosses.
    in my game you can perform a psyche dive to scan the area. this leads to random encounters. if the player's mood is anxious, I wanted a chance to run into a really powerful enemy. thankfully you pick the battle difficulty with your moods... meaning you won't run into this thing unless your anxious.
    it's been fun drawing all these cutins recently, but I need to get back to maps or else I'm gonna get burnt out on the character art lol.

    Sniper BEAM true.png
    MACH PUNCH final.png
    drew some more stuff today... tho this character is a tad harder and yet easier to draw do to the cloak and no arms.
    hype storm final.png
    this was pretty fun to draw lol. I've been doing a LOT of character cutins recently for attacks, having them act as my "action sequence" in so many words. but I think I need a break and I'm gonna work on something else.
    this was fun to event. Kage's picture dashes across the screen with an animation tied to it, then unleashes his Panic Trigger attack, Samurai Summer. named after a song from No More Heroes. I'm REALLY glad I decided to do some attacks with these visual pics.
    thanks to a combo of plugins, I can call in this pic during attacks, play an animation on it, and even shatter it when it's done. it looks pretty cool in action.
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    How long does it take to draw this?
    depends on the pose I guess. some take longer than other's. I think this particular one took maybe 40 minutes to maybe an hour. didn't seem long.
    Mike Final Shield.pngdrew this tonight based on Captain America's "Charging Star" special move from the Marvel fighting games. I had an idea of using stuff like this as visual cutins for certain attacks that would be harder to have animations for with my sprites. would save time on that and would allow for some dynamic uses of the cutins.
    decided to use "boost points" somewhat differently in my game. they're for doing enhanced versions of special attacks. but, they're also used defensively. you can block certain incoming attacks with a prompt that uses a point. parrying negates all damages and uses more points. now that it FINALLY works as intended, it's pretty fun to use.
    I FINALLY worked on my shop menu... I basically redid all of it this evening. even added "help" descriptions at the bottom for each shop command. even went ahead a drew a better picture of my friend as the shop keeper.
    this wound up being one of my favorite pics/animations of this particular character named DIana. I had a lot of fun drawing this one and it's one of her more expressive pics oddly enough since I don't draw her too often outside of her chibi look.
    I've had a lot of fun today revamping my main character's moveset to be based on the fighting game character Potemkin from Guilty Gear. Tho it's more in mechanics than actual his moves looking like his. It's been a fun challenge trying to apply fighting game mechanics in a way to a turn based rpg, while trying to make it understandable to those who don't play fighting games.

    welp, I'm finally completely finished with the character select screen before each stage starts. everyone's description has been updated and everyone's animated.
    as I'm preparing for a demo, I started working on cutscenes, including the one that leads into the boss fight against an astronaut named Captain Fury. He's a combination of Captain Vladimir from No More Heroes 2 and The Fury from Metal Gear Solid 3. two of my absolute favorite bosses of all time.
    in my game you explore a woman's subconscious. this is a distorted version of her childhood room along. thanks to SRDude's Hudmaker, I can show off the mood of the player in the corner along with an encounter gauge that goes up the closer you get to an encounter.
    I kinda wanna setup my tutorial fight like the old arcade SNK games that would have the "How to Play" segment before you'd pick a character and start the game. could be a fun way to explain combat.
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decided to have subclasses work differently in my game. They summon in a partner when you select one. this took some work tho as I had to get the class scene to pop up as a common event instead of straight from the menu. it was the only way to add/remove party members while on the menu screens.

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