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  • loving this combo system i came up with for my game... but i need to balance the tp for it better.
    composing all the songs myself is a challenge... might see if i can get assistance on some songs. especially ones that need more of a traditional RPG sound.
    Like Kingdom Hearts, each world in my game pays homage (at least musically) to a favorite gaming franchise of mine. So far there's 7 worlds... Sega, Nintendo, Capcom, SNk, Metal Gear, and um... hmm need more lol
    Silent Darkness
    Silent Darkness

    Sonic, Metroid, Mega Man, .........dunno what SNK is, Metal Gear.

    That would be more accurate.
    eh, well i meant to list the franchises, buuut i realized for the first 4 i couldn't pick just one. THOUGH if i am, Sonic, Earthbound, Street Fighter, King of Fighters, and lastly Metal Gear...
    My mapping still is bleh. sooo, today i'm gonna make a battle theme and then practice mapping..
    making more music for my game today. since each location favors a favorite franchise of mine, i think today will be Earthbound/Mother music...
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I hate doing voice over videos but people said they like hearing about the details.
Modern Town Overworld, World of Solaria Dungeon, 80's Retro-Futuristic Font | RPG Maker News #73

I been slowing down and not focusing on project currently.
I had this idea for VTubers vs MOTHER and its a bunch of Vtubers finding eight melodies to fight a psychic alien and a fat kid. IDK, kinda find it hard to use RPG Maker for more than 15 minutes
Working on some wizard/magic bases:

I mean, technically it's a flying base but I haven't made any wings yet, so magic hovering is it for now.

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