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  • skills now work differently in my game... you can use them all for no cost, or use the correct input to use MP but also get an EX bonus ie more damage, added elements, etc... and you get the EX popup now.
    I posted a short video of how stunning the enemy and/or parrying net you an extra turn. along with showing off a couple of different special attacks.
    it's wild how versatile action sequences are... I'm able to have a skill do 2 different sequences based whether the enemy is affected by certain states. and with the QTE plugin, I can even setup a parry/counter system on the enemy's attacks.
    FINALLY done will all of the main cast's sprites... here's all the main characters and other teams you'll face in the game (Sans secret bosses and whatnot). and thanks to Qsprite, I can use these same SV Battlers on the maps too.
    I wish more stuff worked with FOSSIL lol. some of my most important plugins don't so I don't really wanna move to MZ. and I don't have any money to replace the plugins I need lol.
    honestly, I keep putting it off because I'm kinda intimidated by it. I know how to do some stuff and I've even made minor fixes to plugins before, but that's where my knowledge ends unfortunately lol.
    If a lot of your core mechanics dont work on the new engine and you cant efficiently replace them why move? Im staying in MV as plugin availability is the main reason :kaoswt2:
    I have learned how to deal with it, and hope someone made the functions I want from another engine.

    (p.s. Still sad that Visustella MZ's Action Sequence has battler spinning but MV YEP's doesn't. orz)
    since all my maps are hand drawn... I admit, I super envy those who can make the tileset's work. I'm garbage at mapping, but slightly less bad at just drawing my own areas. plus it's easier to draw my own sprites than edit others to look like my characters.
    thanks to a lot of lunatic coding... my game finally has a stun mechanic that I feel really good about. damage enemy's mental psyche (mp), and once empty, hitting with certain attacks trigger combos that can stack the damage.
    My game is basically turning into a 2 on 2 fighting game disguised as an rpg lol. here's eveyone doing their own intro in battle.
    so I've been following the MEchanics people dislike thread and um... I don't know how to please people with most of my game choices lol. but other's have told me to stick to my guns cause I've got certain design choices I'm really passionate about. just means I'll be alienating those who don't like it. can't please everyone...shrug.
    @zerobeat032 There's a simple answer to this: don't attempt to please everybody. Especially if there's conflicting answers and you're passionate about your choices.

    I like answering to that thread because sometimes the things said there spark my imagination, and it's interesting to see the other side of things. Please don't get discouraged at people talking smack on the internet.
    thanks everyone, yeah it's been interesting to read everything, but I do have to take into accord that it's pointless to attempt to please everyone. I just wanna make the game I wanna make and whoever like's it, that's awesome.
    The thread is just to discuss personal preferences; everyone likes different things! A lot of things people have listed, I actually really enjoy in games, and use in my game haha. As with all advice and opinions, take it with a grain of salt. I don't want anyone feeling like their game is 'bad' because someone has an opposing opinion :yswt:
    I wish I was better with background art... I feel all of my games locales look cheaply done cause I'm not great at drawing that sort of stuff.
    hmm, I need a good place to backup my game to. I keep forgetting to and I realize I don't wanna lose everything.
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    yeah, I've definitely heard good things about MEGA
    Yeah, I've got mine on an SD card. My piano teacher has a problem with cloud storage because she always thinks her files are going to end up in Japan, LOL. So whenever she messes up her computer she has to scramble to not lose everything.
    hmm just to be on the safe side I feel I should invest in an SD card.
    finally drew 3 of the enemies that appear as students from the high school that's in my game.
    I keep wanting to post every song I make for the game and have to hold back on that because at this rate, I'll have spoiled all the really good stuff lol..
    new mechanic in battle where you can mentally erase enemies when you deplete all their MP instead HP. this gives you a special item of their "memory". it's pretty cool to do in battle so far.
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