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    Moods do various things in battle with how they affect each character. Mike here will guard for a friend who's HP is low if he's in a Depressed State. since that state buffs defense, this helps make him tanky enough to do it.
    FINALLY got the mood system in the game during battle. Since the game is called Panic Attack, I figured you should have certain moods present including Panic. so the main 3 or Hype, Depressed, and Anxious. Panic is only when stunned.
    Mike trying to dodge the Memory Pawns invading Bantam Street. I like how the filters I used on the map almost make it look like the street is wet in a sense.
    The Voice... They usually show up to talk to you about leaving your mark on the world, which is one of the major themes of my game... How will you be remembered by society.
    Nice. One tiny correction: right at the end it reads: "left it's indefinite mark on the world." No apostrophe: "left its indefinite mark" But do you mean indefinite? Seems more logical that it be definite.
    Indefinite = vague, unclear, lacking precision.
    @Kes thanks lol... I'm still learning with this writing stuff. I'm not entirely confident in it yet. @Solr that's a good point. I didn't think about that when staging this out. short pauses would be a good idea to let the player take it all in.
    lol I gotta not leave it entirely up to Open Office to make sure I've said things correctly. that's clear.
    a friend of mines said I need an elevator pitch for my game. he then went and gave me his for his comic... then I realized I have no idea how to explain my game the way he did his comic lol.
    ditched the plugin I was using for cutins and just went with a common event... Now right before a super tech starts, you'll a picture of the character like this and the screen tints gray momentarily.
    it's wild how little the framerate drops with my game running capped at 30fps. with 60... battles dip as low as 35 sometimes lol. MV + old laptop = oof.
    It's a bit smoother at 60 from what I've noticed, but that's the extent of what I've personally noticed. And that's only probably because of how my game looks. I don't think I'd notice it at all with the RTP.
    How did you cap your frame rate?
    there's a FPS limit plugin that let's you set the framerate to whatever you want.

    Here's the new formation screen thanks to Luna MV. There's only 2 active combat members at a time, so here you can switch between them, or remove someone and go it alone.
    I'm really glad I actually decided to use SV battlers as my map sprites as well. then I can make stuff like this happen without having to draw new stuff.
    went back to a 2 on 2 (mostly) format. it's more fun with at least 2 party members active lol. you can still switch out to the 3rd member though. overall I'm just so happy with my progress and how this turned out in general with designing this boss.
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New sprites & animations for Mint and Beri are coming along!
Mad O' Malley... a stick figure that's afraid of it's existence being erased. so they always start battle in an anxious state.
Before, I was drawing all the sprite work, super big and shrinking it down. Which was really time consuming if thing's changed. So instead I'm drawing the characters sketch, and then remaking it with pixel art instead.
Why are job interviews so terrifying. :kaodes:

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