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    I thought a nice little thing would be making everyone do a specific pose/animation on the elevators. just to give the scene more character.
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    well if you mean how do I get them to animate in game, I use a plugin called QSprite that lets me setup and pick different animations I've drawn to be used in game.
    I mean, like drawings seem harder to manipulate and animate than pixel art. XD
    ohh, all of my sprites are actually based on the sideview battler sprites and from there, I just modified them for whatever kind of pose I needed. It was definitely the easiest way to streamline the process, keep it consistent, and edit new poses.

    Mike running around the newest area I've worked on tonight... Autumn Arena where tournament fights will take place.
    made a quick little animation this morning for one of my characters in my game named Delilah.
    hey there delilah
    what's it like in gamedev city?
    and I have another question:
    are your hands okay? they're glitchy
    was testing battles today and came across 2 unintended things that could happen. but both add a bit a depth to battles. guarding changes your mood, and you also can change the enemies mood. each character's mood vs. what they can change the enemy to... weaknesses lol. so you have to tag out for the person who's mood better suits your enemies changed mood.

    made an option to warp you to the main city map. from there you can go to various places around the city.
    NPC's won't really remmber anything until you win the main tournament fight in an area and restore the idea of memories to the people. I plan on changing them into normal NPC's once you do this.
    finally put a comic panel like border on the foreground of the screen. been thinking of doing this for ages now. also you can attack enemies on the screen to get an advantage in battle. here Mike slaps a Century Owl with a tackle.
    actually, animations are the ONE thing I'm NOT doing lol. I don't really know how even with the programs I have that can do them. so I was like, eh, I'll filter the RTP animations and let it be.
    Making animations is a lot of work for something that most players won't even care about imo, so I think using RTP is the right call personally :p
    yeah, and filtering them helps blend them in with my artstyle so they don't really look out of place either. but you're right, they are a lot of work. I have 2 programs that can make them and I couldn't figure out how to use either of them lol.

    haven't worked out everything yet, but A. you can slam enemies against their border of the screen for a Crush Collision. B. Team up attacks. and C. you can move anywhere on the field within set borders.
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I got a function working to load the last save after a game over. Really proud of myself.
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I started the evening loving vintage cars... by the time I am done however I might not anymore... xD

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