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    There's 7 main areas in the game that are all connected. This train get's you from an underground lab to the center of someone's subconscious. inside the train you can talk to some of the passengers. but going to the top of it, there's battles.
    I got inspired by Odin Sphere and beat em ups to where only certain maps in an area will have battles. So to let you know when that's about to happen, you'll get this warning of sorts. They'll usually be 2-4 fights in a room you'll have to clear to proceed.
    New area in the game being worked on called Lab 5. It's a building belonging to the main antagonist group of the game, W.A.V.E (We are Vitally Enough)... the boxes and belt even move thanks to parallax/layers.
    Mike Hadouken.png
    I love fighting games, so I drew my main character Mike, charging a Hadouken... like Ryu from Street Fighter. There's a lot of fighting game influences in my game also.
    sometimes all you need is a custom background for a window to make it stand out compared to the window skin. I drew some for all the windows in Yanfly's victory aftermath plugin. it helps knowing the names of said windows.
    made my own font for the game. I need to iron it out a bit, but so far it seems to work well.
    I was today years old where I realized just the word user was enough with some lunatic coding... basically said if user isn't the party leader, add a state. since combat is one on one, now your reserve members regen HP/MP while waiting.

    never know what you'll find inside empty buildings. I have fun making this area today. the filters and lighting do a lot I feel.

    most NPC's in my game aren't actual people. just memories of someone's subconscious. thus, their interaction with you are limited in ways. Though, you may find some people just as real as you...
    Interesting concept! Does the game take place in a cyber or dream world?
    the game takes place inside something called Escape Space. basically whenever life feels overwhelming, you have a mental space you can escape to. except the person's space your in is merging with actual reality and you have to fix that.

    I'm struggling, but I'm trying to make interesting areas for my game. It's been a struggle making areas that fit what I'm going for. but I do have some ideas. here's my main character wondering if he should jump down...
    I've learned one thing during my 3 years of working on my game. some stuff just isn't feasible. and finding workarounds or something at least close to your vision can be good enough. at least for us who aren't coders.
    that's true. usually, I try to exhaust every option I have before deciding if I can't get something to work as intended. sometimes I've just had to budge on things and find something different. a lot of factors can change these sort of things too tho I feel.
    While this is true, you can always reach out to the community for help finding what you might want or even in developing your ideas. If they're good enough, somebody will surely be interested in it!
    yeah, you never know when and where you can find support with somethings. I guess my post goes out to those who just flat out stop making progress with their games because they can't get one thing to work right. I always try to have a backup plan myself.
    made some really cool changes to battle today. since normal versions of skills cost no MP, I made a cooldown system based on elemental affinity. this also encourages tagging in and out depending on the enemy/overall situation.
    grief... finding a font that works with the engine has been a bigger process than I thought it'd be. doesn't help MV loves to scrunch letters next to each other like a football huddle.
    font snipper.PNG

    here's one of the fonts I was trying out, tho almost all of them seem to have the letters really close together. I looked into the files and I see drawText, but I don't know how to edit it.
    That looks more like an issue with the font itself or maybe the way Canvas is rendering it. With the issue I mentioned in my last post (where the text is too wide for the width specified), the engine will shrink the text horizontally, but doesn't change the letter spacing.

    I don't think CSS letter-spacing works with Canvas, and a plugin to adjust the spacing might yield mixed results. Might have to try another font.
    yeah, I've been experimenting with a few different fonts as of recent. I didn't want to use basic Comic Sans (even tho it fits my comic like aesthetic), but it's the only one that doesn't seem to have too many issues, other than line height (which I do know how to fix).
    added a Panic gauge to battle. it fills up according to your actions. each character has a different passive that activates once the gauge is full. also once full, a countdown starts and after each action taken, the gauges decreases. with each character, the decrease is different.

    my game has distinct areas where travel through what are known as "battle stations" these are more or less areas to explore and fight. occasionally, you'll stumble across secret rooms with sidequests ready to be taken. this area is in the high school attic of all places... but how do ya get there is the question.
    the last post was of the 2 bosses you'll fight in the high school... Principal Heiman and Mary, Mary, Mary... aka Mary Mars Mcqueen, the captain of the girl's wrestling team. Here's a view of the inside of said high school, Autumn Bay High.
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part of the common event help menu I'm working on. I used Yanfly's Common Event Menu to set it up and here's a screen of once you've selected one of the options. This one explains the 6 different battle commands.
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In one of our campus classrooms was a bag full of stuff people forgot there... my bag. That I forgot there xD
You know your room is too tiny for how much stuff you have when it gives you literal insomnia. I just cleared a bunch of stuff out and man it feels good!

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