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  • Hi, there is a Completed Games forum where you can post your game. Or a Commercial Games forum if it's paid. The status feed is not where these belong. Just make sure to read the pinned threads and include all the required information in your post.
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Damn. We’ve gotten so close to 0 reports, 0 approvals a few times over the past couple weeks. Does it matter? No. Is it realistic. No? Do I rely on your reports and want everyone to keep posting. Yes. Do I 100% games? …sigh… Yes.

Ah yes, all three of my moods all at once.
Here's a tutorial I did on how I made my Leonardo A.I.-assisted artworks for my game's recent update. :rhappy:

Disclaimer: This is meant to be a band-aid solution for people like me who aren't good artists or don't have the financial means to hire an amazing artist. If you have the means, please buy commissions and support your fav artists.:yhappy:

Found some expired fireworks in garbage today. I wonder if they still work.

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