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    Happy Turkey Stabbing Day :3

    Happy Turkey Stabbing Day :3
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    Remove Skill Types

    This does not require a script, just make all skill the same type.
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    Cooking Mini Game

    Could you provide reference videos to what you are referring to? Crafting systems exists, we need to know how what your requesting would differ.
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    Working TRPGs?

    There's a link to the demo on the page.
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    Working TRPGs?

    Does this fill your need (
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    Working TRPGs?

    A TRPG tends to be defined by a grid based battle system, like Final Fantasy Tactics. I had a basic workable one with few features in Ace, and had been considering making an MV version, now that I'm active again, but TRPG systems are tedious to make.
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    Return from the Dead

    I had been out of RPG Maker for a while, and recently reinstalled MV. After playing around for a while, I have decided to come back! Prior, I was a member of team JIFZ, which I doubt any of the members are still active anymore, but I am a Scriptor, and hope to start helping people make the...
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    Add an enemy

    You mean adding it to the Troop? As in under the Troops tab in the database?
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    /me birthday-stabs

    /me birthday-stabs
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    Making a secret stat

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    Making a secret stat

    If you just need the math formula, try ((x/127)+1)/30. Its not exact, but it rounds to about where you want.
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    How can I compare Input Name Processing to a variable?

    Conditional Branch - Script - $gameActors._data[X]._name == "Sam" You can replace "Sam" with anything, including $gameVariables._data[X].
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    Characters who's basic attack scales of Magic instead of Strength?

    //============================================================================= // WeaponSkillByType.js //============================================================================= /*: * @param Weapon Skill Attack * @desc The Skill ID for weapon attack, Comma Delimited...
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    Are people still making/playing/uploading RPGMaker VXA games?

    People who started their project on Ace aren't just going to drop everything. In that same respect, MV hasn't been out long enough for some of the larger games to come out yet.
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    STABS - Simple Tactical Battle System by Zetu [In Development]

    I haven't worked on it in a long time. If someone wants to take it over, I'd consider it, but as of right now, it's in development limbo, mostly because I'm working on MV stuff.

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