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  • Hello, I'm your Map Effects v1.4.1 for VX and VXace script user. I was looking for ways to purchase your script license, but I couldn't find any information. The script states that you can purchase a license by paying 30€, Did I understand correctly? If yes, where should I purchase the license and how should I pay you? Please reply if you confirm.
    You are my hero. I love ur scripts.
    Hey Zeus, is there any way to control the video volume using your Video player VX Ace? I managed to do it with estriole's player, but it changes the game window volume instead of just the video volume. If you know any way to control the video volume dinamically (bacause I use a volume control script), please, tell me!
    Salut, tu vas bien ?
    Please remember that this is an English language site. Therefore all posts and Status Updates should only be in English.
    Der Botaniker
    Der Botaniker
    Привет, как ты?
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Replaced my battle victory/level up script by a custom-made script by Sixth
"It is very easy to break things and very difficult to make things."
Took a six week summer break from making my game, hoping some inspiration would magically strike me and I'd easily finish the last minigame and find the remaining music, but no such luck :D Guess I'll soon have to just sit down again and grind the project to the finish line. Well, at least I played a couple of good games. The Messenger was fun (when it didn't cause you rage) and currently playing World End Syndrome.
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Each area of my game acts sort of like a level of sorts. These 3 are the bosses of the first area. Called Team Outcast, there's Riley, Mary Mars McQueen (Triple M), and Enig. A trio of wanna be super heroes.

Now with animated hair~

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