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  • Oof PIXI has some cool features. Dabbled with it a bit before RMMV (using HTML canvas), but I'm finding out some more features. :kaopride:
    Addicted to OSRS again. They have a mobile client, so I can no-life at work also! Take my money Jagex!
    XBL, add me if you play FPS or The Crew (the first one, just got back in to it). GT: Zinapse
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The most rewarding part of making custom body character parts is absolutely not making the masks work. Somebody please put me out of my misery.
Any commercial devs here ever mess with Gamejolt? Been contemplating making my games available there but don't know if it's worth the effort or not.
Social distancing taught me of how much of not a loner I am. Dammit, I miss seeing my friends...
Happy 4th of July all. Anybody have plans? Mine here is staying home away from the virus. Still a nice 3 day weekend.
The project I am working on is going great at the moment. I'm hoping everyone is having as successful a time as I am. :)

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