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    Wait Command

    Ahh!  I think I get it now!  So, the movePicture method doesn't actually test if the wait is complete, thus I would have to go by it frame by frame?
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    Wait Command

    Ahh, thank you for your help everyone!  I only have two questions left: 1. Any tips on where the best location for studying the update methods? 2. I copied my log that was from my plugin: Unless I only need to study up on update methods, the update checks are...
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    Wait Command

    Thank you for that useful information.  I guess this proposes another question: knowing the wait problem, how does someone do menu animations or, for example, Yanfly's animations in his battle core?  Is there some other way to wait for the animation to complete, or is it simpler than that?
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    Wait Command

    So, I am designing a plugin, but I ran into a problem.  Is there any way to simulate the Wait command or at least wait for a picture to finish moving? I understand that this command does not simulate it: Game_Interpreter.prototype.wait(60);At the moment, what I have is this (imagine everything...
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    The *drunk* status ailment. How do you do it?

    How about having decreased accuracy, but immunity/resistance to most states (your nerves probably won't feel it anyways)?
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    More Realistic Hair Colors [v1.50]

    Done!   :)
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    More Realistic Hair Colors [v1.50]

    While tedious, you can just switch it out whenever you need to do the other colors.
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    Save/Load Game at a Specific Location (Dark Souls Bonfire-Esque)

    If I remember correctly, Yanfly's save location plugin allows you to save the locations of events in any map.  So you can simply tell either all the events or a specific event to run the save feature and its location will be saved upon exiting.  When you enter the map again, its saved location...
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    More Realistic Hair Colors [v1.50]

    Sorry that I am unable to provide those easily.
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    Chiara's MV Resources

    I must say, thank you for this work! I think this is a lovely addition to the RTP content.
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    More Realistic Hair Colors [v1.50]

    Yeah.  I just wished we could add colors instead of replace colors. EDIT: I have just updated the realistic hair colors file.  In Version 1.50, washed out hair colors like bright blonde are now not washed out.
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    Battle High Speed Mode Plugin

    Well, I wanted to make sure no complaints happen.  If I made a plugin, I would not have wanted someone to post my material without my consent.   :)
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    Battle High Speed Mode Plugin

    I have been given permission to release an English version of the plugin.  This English version is the translated version of the just-updated plugin.  You can enjoy the plugin here:
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    Battle High Speed Mode Plugin

    Everyone, I am currently attempting to get permission to release a translated version of the plugin.  If everything is a success, I will release the English plugin.
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    More Realistic Hair Colors [v1.50]

    Thanks for bringing up that concern.  I was already aware about that, and I do plan on fixing it, but my worry was that it may make the blonde style too dark or potentially shiny (will try hard not to make it shiny).  The realistic hair styles was merely a quick version I made that ended up...

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