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    [rgss3] bitmap.draw_text and slicing text/line breaks

    It's not for the background, no. I'm using this script for random segments in the game, paired with animation easing methods and picture-specific effects. I know I could technically just type the text onto a transparent image file and use that; I'd really rather avoid that since my project is...
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    [rgss3] bitmap.draw_text and slicing text/line breaks

    In relation to this script: I was previously working with a hack solution of just adding various :text arguments, each with their own y values, to fake the look of different lines. But it's a chore and doesn't...
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    Ruby/RGSSx questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Anyway to use line breaks with bitmap.draw_text commands?
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    Scene Interpreter - Flash Screen bug

    Main script: Add-on script: The add-on, by default (according to the script description), should allow you to show this in menu scenes: - pictures - weather - tone change - screen flash - fade...
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    Zelda scrolling in maps?
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    Falcao Map Drops - sprite dispose error

    demo + code - code pastebin - If you stay in the same x and y coordinates of a map drop, access the main menu and go back, the game will crash. "Error: line 116: RGSSError occured. disposed sprite" This does not happen if say...
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    Particle Item Drops

    Found this video that seems to use a combo of RGSS3 code in RPG XP. Link: Effect starts at around 37 seconds. It seems to be particle-based, but I'm really unsure. Can this item drop script be found anywhere? If not, could this type of effect be recreated? (Edit: fixed typos.)
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    VX ACE: Shift as event triggers
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    [RGSS3] Visual Equip - Trouble figuring out a feature

    Script link: Requires: There's a feature written within the help guide that I'd like help with. The description is: "It's possible to have some...
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    Better Screen Shake control?

    sorry for necro. Fixed Archeia's code snippet above #vertical_shake(power, speed, duration, wait) #vertical_shake and horizontal_shake #Code by Archeia and Neon Black. class Game_Interpreter def vertical_shake(power, speed, duration, pause = false) screen.start_shake_vert(power...
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    [RGSS3] Scene Interpreter + Event Animations - Picture Erase Error

    Script 1: Script 2: Context: Using this to display a picture + some extra animations right at the start of a scene, and want it to be disposed of once return_scene (exiting the scene) is...
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    Glossary/Tips Script
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    [RGSS3] RETCON Library - Detecting current entry

    Doing it in Scene_Journal itself gives this error: example of code in use, right now: case when 1 msgbox("test 1") when 2 msgbox("test 2") else end
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    [RGSS3] RETCON Library - Detecting current entry

    Script is called RETCON LIBRARY: JOURNAL by McDohl. Link: I'm trying to detect the current entry that the Journal window is showing, in order to adjust info shown in a custom window. I feel like it has to do with this line (approx. line 338): entry =...

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