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  1. Innovative Combat Design

    Guess not, back to the drawing board then. I've dramatically reduced the bullet size to make the UI more appealing. I've gotten rid of the die. This will give the player agency over the result he is going for. This also allows me to implement distance. The further away the target, the more...
  2. Innovative Combat Design

    So as players, is this something you would find interesting? Yes, no? Why, why not? I'm looking for some feedback because when you're very involved with something, it's good to reach out for other people's opinion sometimes.
  3. Tailored Yanfly Message Core

    Out of curiosity, is what I am requesting a case of something which would take too many hours for someone to tackle for free? If that's the case, I think it'd be good for me to know so I don't uselessly bump the topic.
  4. Custom Window Script

    I thought this could be done with yanfly core message plug-in but I think I was mistaken so I'll move this to script request instead. Here's more information, What I'd like things to look like. Just the book itself. Just a single in itself. It's 211x14 pixels. Note that the top part...
  5. Bullet Icons

    I just did this one for my own project, you're welcome to use it if you want: It's more pixel art than RPG Maker MV RTP style however.
  6. Innovative Combat Design

    No comments uh? It is a hard on to tackle I'll admit. You'll notice I've changed a few things. a. have added a bullet meter. Out of the six bullets, you'll see on bullet has been spent here. b. A bullet would be potentially fired each round. c. Instead of going for "all or nothing" I've...
  7. Tailored Yanfly Message Core

    Here's more information, I think it should be more thorough this time around: What I'd like things to look like. Just the book itself. Just a single in itself. It's 211x14 pixels. Note that the top part should be 15 pixels high instead of 14 pixels to replicate the top of a book page as...
  8. Tailored Yanfly Message Core

    Sorry, I realize I wasn't very clear, I tried to explain too quickly. This section was meant to display different information in the book. From the top: -Main section: current environment description. -Inventory -Health and other status -option I've since given up on that as it's probably...
  9. Tailored Yanfly Message Core

    Hello again, I'm currently using Yanfly Message Core and the first extension. I paid a programmer to do this but he disappeared off the grid and I can't get what I've paid for which is very frustrating. Anyways, what really matters to me is to have the book at the bottom of the screen for me...
  10. Current Plug-in Problem

    Yes, it works fine now, thank you.
  11. Current Plug-in Problem

    Well they're not obvious to me, I'll say that much :D! It's working fine as a new project, thank you!
  12. Current Plug-in Problem

    1.6.1 but when I check my PIXI version is was still outdated at 2.2.9. I've updated the PIXI version by using one on github. I copy/pasted the code I got from github under notepad and saved the file as .js and replaced the outdated PIXI.js I'm getting a different problem however...
  13. Current Plug-in Problem

    Renaming the plug-in didn't do anything. So how can I update my PIXI version to a higher version?
  14. Current Plug-in Problem

    Yup, it seems to be F8:
  15. Current Plug-in Problem

    I keep pressing F12 from the moment the game loads up and no console show up, no separate window at all.

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