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    RMMV How can I check if an AutoRun Event is running? [for ALOE_VirtualButtons]

    that would definitely work, but I'd have to individually go through tons of events where there is any action other than messages, and at the current state of my project, that'd weeks. But I'll take the advice for future projects AND for the upcoming events, just in case. Thanks a lot! That...
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    RMMV How can I check if an AutoRun Event is running? [for ALOE_VirtualButtons]

    Hi. I'd like to hide ALOE_VirtualButtons when an event is running (examples: I talk to an npc and it walks or does any other non-message action /// I have an autorun event with the player walking, etc.). I can make it hide during messages with the plugin's own parameter, but I can't make it...
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    How to increase an actor's healing ability?

    Hey, thank you very much! Where exactly do I add this code? also, is it possible to add this effect on equipment/weapons for example?
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    How to increase an actor's healing ability?

    I've searched in the forums, but couldn't find any thread about it. I'd like to improve an actor's healing skills' effectiveness (not only on itself, but also on others) without affecting its damage or any other stats and without having to rely on states. Is that possible?
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    Steam Leaderboards? [MV]

    I'm still searching, but haven't found it yet
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    Steam Leaderboards? [MV]

    Is there a way to add Steam Leaderboards scores to a game? I couldn't find this option in any Orange Greenworks tutorial.
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    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #3: Character Generator, Plugin Manager, Event: Plugin Command!

    Are they adding diagonal sprites to the generator too?
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    Assign MP Regen Rate to a variable?

    I've tried all the scripts you said, but the ones without "mrg" crashed the game. The ones with mrg, however, don't seem to show any number other than 0 and I'm not sure what to do. I've done many tests using items, no actor parameters, 1 mp regen actor parameter, but none gave me a different...
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    Assign MP Regen Rate to a variable?

    Is there a way to assign MP Regen Rate to a variable? I need that to designate how much mp will be saved depending on the current MP regen rate the player has (it can vary according to the equipments the player is using). I couldn't find the option in MV's database.
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    Translatable Quest Journal

    I use SRD_TranslationEngine and would like to know if there is a quest journal plugin that can be easily translated with it (or another way). YEP_QuestJournal is great, but I couldn't find a way to translate most of the text within it.
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    Forcing Pauses into Instant Text (YEP)?

    I have the same issue (the post hasn't completed 3 months since the last reply, is it necroposting?) I'd like to be able to disable the instant message option, I even tried to find a way, but couldn't
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    How to check if YEP Autosave is enabled / disabled?

    I have a moment in my game where I need to force an autosave, but it won't work if the player has disabled it in the menu. So I'd like to have a condition check whether it's on or off, then force an autosave and disable it again in case it was off before. It'd be similar to this: The plugin...
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    Versus/Battle mode?

  14. ZoeZero

    Versus/Battle mode?

    I'm still looking for ways to improve it
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    Adding common event option to YEP's Options Core

    I still haven't found a way :(

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