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  • I find your avatar pretty familiar but can't for the love of God remember who it is D:
    If you seen it anywhere, it was most likely me, as I commissoned this pic myself(if you remeber where you saw it, please let me know though).

    I use this as my Avatar where ever I can. Most noteable the DA forums, in the past the Sega 16 forums(I haven't been there for awhile though), and Byond(another game development site/engine/network). Other places too, but those are the main ones.
    oh I see. I totally thought I'd seen it somewhere that has to do with Romance of the 3 Kingdoms.
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Got the scam again this morning... Maybe a tirade will work better.
Anyway, I'm taking off for Orlando tomorrow. My train leaves at 1:27 and the Wi-Fi on the train is TERRIBLE. Of course, I can't wait to see Dad. I haven't seen him since PTSD treatment. Maybe he'll take me to Aquatica after Halloween!
grief... when ONE plugin is causing a range of issues lol. but then you realize it's the only plugin of it's kind and you don't have a replacement for it lol. oof
the "Run and Hydlide" Update is now live for my game "A Postmortem Nation"

I'll be back soon, reality is trying to capture me but I'm faster!
Mother-in-laws....(eye roll)

Was playing a little Stardew Valley, (haven't in ages) and she comes around and asks, 'oh, whatever happened to those pixel art you were suppose to be doing, pretending you were going to be selling... to nobody.'

Good morning to you too. Ugh.

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