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  1. Doctor Who Resources

    I was just thinking of asking about Doctor Who resources.. Can you make a Tardis outisde view that fades in and out to vanish?
  2. Homeless man sprite

    Hey, Would it be ok if I used this in my game?
  3. Guardinthena's Fantasy Generator Expansion-Dwarfs!

    Hey, I downloaded some of these dwarf parts but I am having a small issue. When I make the char the battle spirit does not generate with most of these parts :(
  4. Dwarf spirits / generator parts

    Hey everyone. I have been looking around for about a day for some Dwarf characters and or generator parts that I can use to make some Dwarf characters for my game. I did find one set of generator parts that will work for most of the characters I make but these do not update the battle spirits...
  5. auto enable remember command

    Thanks I will give it a go.. EDIT That did it, thank you :)
  6. auto enable remember command

    Hey everyone. I am looking to find away to auto enable the remember command option, i was wondering if any one has a script for it or knows of one I can use? Iv been looking but not been able to find one. Thanks
  7. Suit generator parts?

    ah ok i will take a look there thanks.. i honestly didnt notice the DLC folder.
  8. Sprited SV_Enemies

    Hey, I love these and im going to use em in my game for sure. Are you still making more? and or can you make some specific ones? I need to get some guards and guard captains for 4 kingdoms in my game, i want them to all look different.. But I want them to be holding a shield and a weapon...
  9. Day/Night events

    Ok so just tested it and its working perfect.. thanks again
  10. Day/Night events

    oh that is perfect.. thank you.. to be honest i never even noticed that option because iv only been focusing on the others lol thank you though.. ill test it out as soon as i re-enable the script after fixing something else lol
  11. Tile Changer (Copy Tiles and Change Tiles)

    ah.. i had renamed it i just forgot to replace the file in the plugin folder with the updated name. So the autorun event i was talking about was not the one causing the issue.. on the map i had a autorun event to trigger the plugin command. if i cant use autorun event how do I trigger it to...
  12. Tile Changer (Copy Tiles and Change Tiles)

    sorry, what do you mean the plugin does not have the correct name? I am just trying to do the ground tiles (should be the correct code im using.. ) the tiles get copied its just that my character cant walk and i cant open the menu sorry i meant to say the only autorun event i have is a time...
  13. Day/Night events

    Hey guys, I am using this Event day/night system there is one part of the code i would like to change if possible but not sure how. In the video for the night time there is this code if: 24_hour < 8 end if: 24_hour > 17 end in the video he states that it can be done better but now how to...
  14. Suit generator parts?

    Hey guys, I am trying to find some parts for the generator (RPGMaker MV) that are suits but I cant seem to find anything im looking for. If any one has some or can make some that would be awsome, what I am looking for is something as close to as possible as the character from leisure suit...
  15. Create Relationship System with Variables

    I dont know why I was thinking it was harder then that :S to much stuff going on at once I guess lol, thank you

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