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    RMMV limit 1000

    Additionally, you can use arrays to save space.
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    The Mighty Pack!

    This is probably a very weird question, but what are the terms for this outside of RM?
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    Nice, just wrapping up Micro for release and find that this got updated! Woo! :kaojoy:
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    RMMV [Web Demo available!] Project Micro (Name TBA)

    Alright! An update, as of October 9th! The current build of the demo took a few hours to put together, but I spent the majority of the weekend polishing little things that had bothered me. The demo is now LIVE! Please, feel free to unleash your most wicked feedback on me!
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    RMMV [Web Demo available!] Project Micro (Name TBA)

    An inevitable end. An unstoppable beginning. Where anothers story ends, yours begins. Project Micro blends traditional turn-based combat and loot to create an unexpected twist on the JRPG formula. Find your way, write your path. Your story is yours to tell. Explore varied environments in...
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    Pixi Filter Controller - fancy screen effects by pixi

    Very basic demo showing how to use filters, set parameters, erase, stuff like that. Feel free to experiment with it and build on it, and then re-up it for others. also double post I'm a criminal put me in the ground moderators
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    Pixi Filter Controller - fancy screen effects by pixi

    I'll make a demo in a few hours to a few days. It's not complicated, but it does involve a lot of going back and forth to make sure your syntax is right.
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    Return # of equips of certain type?

    Ah, perfect! This is incredibly helpful! Thank you a ton <3
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    Return # of equips of certain type?

    I.E., you have 5 helmets in your inventory. Is there a quick way to count how many there are, including duplicates? I'm pretty sure you can, but I'm not sure where to find the details on the various equip types in order to do such a thing.
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    So, first off, it's worth noting that this won't give a boost of X, but rather just set MAT to X * 5. I'm sure you're aware of that. Off the top of my head, I'd use Yanfly's Skill Core for this. I, actually myself, already do. Not for this specific thing, of course, but similar. if...
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    Change to People2 sprite

    You're overreacting. You can downgrade. It is not censorship when the ability to downgrade is openly given.
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    Is there a way to override tile settings using events?

    Off the top of my head, two ideas come to mind. 1. Make a copy of the tileset, with the passibility set for whatever skill-set you want. Then, when that character is traversing the terrain, simply swap tilesets on the map. 2. Use regions, check player region using a parallel process, and...
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    Ah, I see! Thank you very much for the insight. That makes perfect sense!

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