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@wrigty12 hi! thanks for showing interest in my work. Sadly the tablet I'm using broke, so I wasn't able to create anything for weeks. Got a new one with display, I'm still not used to it though, so I'm still practicing, doing basic drawings again. Also I'm in my last year of college. Thesis, projects and other activities takes most of my time ;_;.
I'll get back to it whenever I get a free time.
Any artists here planning on participating in the Inktober art prompts this October?
It's right around the corner.
It's rpg maker related so I'll post it here, I worked on a little free rpg maker zine and this was my piece. Play Grimm's Hollow if you haven't already, I liked it a lot. (i don't remember if posting a link to a product even if free is allowed via profile posts, so if anyone knows lemme know)

Suddenly arrived to work and got the pink slip on a contract O_O wait, did i forget something??? (sobbing in corner rn)

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