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Fixed a memory leak that I left myself a month ago. Feelsgoodman
been a while since i posted here my coding class got ****ed because of covid and i did not learn much java script and the little stuff that i did learn i forgot by now
Yosh! :LZScheeze: Made a video with some cool tips and tricks for MV & MZ.
As you watch, I'm curious to know how many tips you already knew. :LZSyum:

Lol. Just got an Apple support scam... is that a thing now? Well, I trolled them good. I played "H.O.L.I.D.A.Y." by The Wiggles and then told them that the supposed victim wasn't at the call center anymore. He was confused so I let it slip that I knew the scam. He hung up on me.
Tired of scammers? Just troll them. They'll run for the hills.

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