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Gonna take a break from helping people with resource requests, it has been too much of a disappointment lately.
whats the easiest way to add an on-map command in RPG Maker? like when you press a button the character just jumps or runs when its held? should i get an ABS plugin and customize?
Thinking of doing a crowdfunding kind of thing on my ko-fi page, but i don't have an audience :kaoswt2: and i don't want to go to the big crowdfinding sites cause i can't guarantee that i'll complete the project. It's just for fun but i still need some more tools. Anyone else in the same boat? :kaodes:
Pretty proud of this train station i'm making!
Steam has announced a new feature to let people switch between playing on PC and on Steam Deck with the same save. I'll come back to add support for it to my steam plugins when the time comes.

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