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Well this is annoying... After unplugging my phone from my computer (or any USB, it gets stuck in an infinite loop of system notifications indicating 'USB connected/USB disconnected'. It won't allow the screen to stay off as long as the notifications keep pooping up, so the battery charge is suffering. :\
I used to think rpg's were kind of lazy when they recolored enemies or didn't animate them with a million poses. Though after dabbling with game dev I can see that it's a lot more realistic to work like that.
A lot of story outlining I need to finish. Should only take a couple of days.
Signing divorce papers today. Still makes no sense to me that this is a step I need to take to get my hubby the help he needs and deserves :( Life is strange people and sometimes it throws you a curve ball you have no chance in hell of catching
Just laid down a sick nasty new post in the MagiCats! Infinite Sadness thread! Lemme give ya a big ol' hug for it.


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