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I've figured out how to reasonably tall-ify chibi sprites on my editor. I like that making tall sprites gives me control on expressing how tall characters seem on the field relative to each other as well as better differentiate adult sprites from child sprites.
doing some wacky experimental stuff in MV right now :kaoluv: I cannot wait to drop what I've been working on
Doing RPG Maker News for this week. (January 14th - 20th, 2022)

My brother keeps saying," Women in his story act crazy because women are crazy." That's one way to make sure that the only woman in his life will be the retirement caregiver nurse that has to change his bedpan.
I have uploaded my Pastel Life tileset to MV resources on the forum.
The set is made to be Easy to Edit and absolutely Child Friendly.

The set is far from finished, so there will be updated coming up...
Here is a little preview, though.

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