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Thought something big was going down when I saw a riot van and two cop cars outside my home. Nope. Just multiple calls about one man kicking off in the street. xD
RPG Maker MZ does confirm in its RPG Maker website blog about new features. Graphics of course look gorgeous, but how about what keeps the engine together?
This image made me realize... My new sky area needs flying dominoes. :LZSexcite:

Though I will probably make them more awkward in some unforeseen way. :LZSwink:
Lonepixel wrote on ??????'s profile.
You are Dekita? There is any chance to use your plugins to my commercial project, buying the licence, for example?
I was wondering why Amazon Pantry had been out of stock on just about everything lately. Seems like they're moving all their stock to Amazon Prime Now.

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