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Don't send requests to check out your forum threads. It's rather rude, since they have their own time and their own things they need to do. Not to mention if you really need some help, then why did you not ask here, where you'd be more likely to get help, because more people read this forum than Steam forum?

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Honestly. Didn't sleep for a day. ONCE
Hi! I've been working on some character sprites for my pirate themed game.
Still somewhat new to pixel art, so feedback or inputs would be appreciated ^^
TRIVIA: I love Japanese food and culture! I've never been to Japan, but someday I'm going to go to Tokyo and do some touring, including Disneyland Tokyo and DisneySea! And I even prepared myself for earthquake safety.
The virus really doesn't want us to do this GameJam. v .v' Even if we don't meet the deadline because of it, still plan on making it a game we'll release.
Has anybody else noticed in the freebie Sci-fi tilesets that they have a hologram of Cybertron from Transformers?

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